Rachel Zoe Trend Show

October, 2, 2015

Trend Shows are like rock concerts with a catwalk! At least that was how I felt attending one with Rachel Zoe. There was music, cheering, and even spontaneous crowd dancing…

Trend Show A

…not to mention mesmerizing style!

Trend Show B

The lovely Cara Crowley, from Vogue, hosted the event. Between her, Rachel, and the models, there was just so much beauty on the runway!

Trend Show C

One of the takeaways that I loved was the emphasis on recycled fashion. Most of us can’t pop for a new wardrobe every season. We’re lucky to splurge on a key item, and that perfectly ties into what these two stunners talked about. To gracefully transition into fall, trot out pieces you already own and pair them with something new. Here’s how…


The audience hated to have the show end, and I just couldn’t leave without seeing it from the perspective of a presenter…if only for a minute:)

Trend Show D


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