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Power and Romance in one Fragrance

January, 21, 2014

This year marks a decade since the famous Italian prima ballerina, Carla Fracci, launched her beautiful fragrance dedicated to the heroine of the ballet Giselle. This scent is for strong women with a romantic side, like Carla. She was one of the most beloved Giselles of all time, partnering with the likes of Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. She was known for maintaining a relaxed, feminine face while performing fiercely precise footwork. Basically, she had the strength of a linebacker with a delicate, exquisite look.


I will always be grateful that I was chosen as one of the ballerinas to help launch Carla’s fragrance. That was the last year I danced ballet before going to college.

PNG 1 (best)

What struck me about that experience was how genuine a superstar could be. During her career, Carla reached the pinnacle of ballet fame. At her fragrance launch, there were so many fans wanting to have their bottle of Giselle signed by her that some had to be turned away. Despite the adulation, Carla claimed that her “ballerinas” were the ones to thank for this turnout. I’m sure that the launch would have been every bit as successful if none of us had come. But Carla’s sentiment showed that she not only had incredible talent, she had an incredible heart.

PNG 60

You can still purchase this iconic fragrance. And you can see a video clip of Carla performing Giselle.


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