Posing in Front of a Castle

October, 27, 2016

You’ve all heard of something described as a “show stopper.” Well, this house is a “traffic stopper.” There is usually not a whole lot of traffic in this neighborhood, but you get the idea. I discovered this beauty on a walk while housesitting. I paused to admire it for so long that I inadvertently made friends with the owners. They were so inviting that they let me take some photos while I was on my way to an event.


Speaking of photos, some of you on Snapchat (katherinechloe) have asked me to continue posting about fashions that are easy to dance in. That describes this dress.


The skirt flows out perfectly making it ideal for salsa dancing. Here’s a tip though: This Free People creation runs enormously big. I wear an extra-small in it. In reality, I haven’t seen my extra-small days in FOREVER! Not since I was dancing ballet many hours a day.



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