Outdoor Holiday Décor

December, 4, 2014

Wells Medina, a nursery based in the Seattle Area, is always plant paradise, but around the holidays it’s also a haunt for beautiful outdoor décor.

Outdoor Holiday Décor A

Whether you live in Seattle, or you’re just visiting, in my opinion, Wells should make the no-miss list. Their winter decorations are designed for the outdoors. Many of them are made from nature’s bounty. They hold up in cold weather and come in a variety of sizes…from these large pinecone masterpieces that hang from velvet ribbons, to small balls. If you’re on a trip, take or ship some home and you’ll have unique decorations and gifts—particularly if you live in places like Southern California or Florida.

Outdoor Holiday Décor B

I know because I work in LA a lot. Those Hollywood film execs are always excited to receive NW greenery. I’m also a girl who never passes up a good party, so when I received an invitation to a Wells decorating open house, I was one of the first to RSVP.

Outdoor Holiday Décor C

I’ve been coming here since I was so little that I’d sit in the plant cart while my mom shopped. It took her a bit longer with that method because we had to stop frequently so I could show her my favorites.

Outdoor Holiday Décor D

I can attest that you’ll never get too old to love Wells. And if you also love DIY projects, this is a great place to get ideas. To make these adorable holiday balls, all you need are mini-pinecones and a glue gun.

Outdoor Holiday Décor E



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