One of the World’s Top Holiday Towns

November, 13, 2016

For today’s Travel Talk, we’re returning to Toronto’s Distillery District. There, just before this winter’s first cold front blew in, I had my first Segway ride…wearing a unicorn helmet, of course!


I was in town for the premiere of my short film, “In Memory Of,” at the Carlton Cinema. Steve Veale, the director of the Toronto Independent Film Festival, orchestrated the tour. It was beyond fun. Let’s just say, racing through city streets on a Segway would be a great way to get to school or work!


At the end of the ride, I couldn’t resist taking a picture with the Segway tour guides, Steve, and my friend/photographer, Kylee.


Then we all got to chatting about the Distillery District…a national historic site.


From November 18 through December 22, this charming town is transformed into a magical holiday hub. Every vendor adds to the winter wonderland. Beer gardens bloom throughout the District. Music, from bluegrass, to folk, opera, and jazz, fills the air. Hospitality abounds.


For all the details, visit Toronto Christmas Market.

Where’s my plane ticket back to Toronto?



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