Nordstrom Shopping Party Fun

December, 9, 2014

Most girls don’t need an excuse to shop, but Nordstrom does up the experience by decorating their stores and opening the doors for an extravaganza.

Nordstrom Shopping Party A

The night began with a visit from a quite dapper Santa who donned his Renaissance suit.


And then there were the platters of delicious bites constantly passing by. These truffles with edible flowers were too tempting. The server got to know me because I frequented his tray so often. Shopping is a tiring activity…a girl has to keep her energy up. At least, that’s what I told myself:)

Nordstrom Shopping Party C

Then I enjoyed a drink while snapping a pic with this display.

Nordstrom Shopping Party D

If you haven’t stopped by Nordstrom in awhile, you’re missing a goldmine of gifts, such as these holiday beauty specials. And who says a girl can’t gift herself? After all, you know what you want.

Nordstrom Shopping Party E

Kiehl’s lip balms are wrapped in adorable packages, and winter is the season when these products get extra use.

Nordstrom Shopping Party F

Most girls are into the cosmetics goodies, but Kiehl’s has options for him too.

Nordstrom Shopping Party G

L’Occitane sports a cute soap set.

Nordstrom Shopping Party H

And they also have a beauty smorgasbord including cream and shower oil. If your honey gets you this, he can’t blame you for taking long luxurious showers!

Nordstrom Shopping Party I

The party was made extra fun by running into my friend Kira Elste (left). I believe that friends have bragging rights, so here I go. She’s not only beautiful and vivacious, but the host of the #1 Pilates app. And her sister, Toren, is a top chef.



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