My Sold-out Premiere

September, 20, 2016

Last weekend, my short film, In Memory Of, premiered at the Carlton Cinema in Downtown Toronto. It completely sold out! The manager set up all the metal chairs he had in the back, and that wasn’t enough. So many more people clamored for tickets that he let some of them watch while standing, squeezed into corners, and even sitting on the steps in the aisles. The rest were turned away. What an unforgettable experience!!


I deeply appreciate everyone who worked on this event, and everyone who came. They were all so friendly and complimentary. Because of the environment they created, this wasn’t just a wonderful experience for me, it was terrific for all of them.


The same was true of the entire city during the festivals. I enjoyed each person I met during my stay in Toronto. The most impressive person to me, though, was Steve Veale, the director of the Toronto Independent Film Festival. He always manages to remain charismatic and calm, even when craziness is going down…and you know that in a party atmosphere with sold-out crowds, there is bound to be some craziness. When you see the video interview I did with him, you’ll completely understand. I’ll post it after I get home and can spend some quality time with my Final Cut Pro.


Due to screenings of my film, I’m currently not allowed to put it on the Internet. I’ll do that when I can. In the meantime, here are some more screenshots.

Later this week, I will write reviews on some of the feature films I saw premiering in Toronto. That way, you’ll be on the cusp of the film scene for the general release.


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