My Love Affair with New York!

October, 15, 2011

I just returned from a slew of NYC book events and meetings. I learned that The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men sold out in every Manhattan Barnes & Noble store! One of the managers ordered more copies while I was with him. That’s good because New York is like calling all Europeans. I got to know so many there!

People say that this is the city that never sleeps…I say it’s the city that never stops having fun.

My Love Affair with New York

Times Square is like Disney World for adults with all of the lights and street performers.

My Love Affair with New York

Some B&N stores in NYC are HUGE! I’ve done events at stores in several states and the people are normally chill, but in New York, everyone hustles and bustles around the books. I felt like we should bring a band and start a dance party!

My Love Affair with New York

The M&M World was my favorite place to take a break between meetings.

My Love Affair with New York

While in town, I met great people from Africa, India, Australia, Israel, Europe, and, of course, America. A lady from Australia tweeted requesting that I make a video about how to meet and greet guys in different European countries. I took the opportunity to work on it here. These are some of the Spaniards I met. They want all you traveling girls to know that they would like to wine and dine you in their country:)

My Love Affair with New York

I’m a strong believer in having balance in life. Fortunately, TKTS sells half price tickets to Broadway shows the day of. Since meetings were constantly being added to my scheduled, this worked out perfectly. A friend and I got Spiderman tickets less than an hour before the show and lucked out with great seats. The performance was awesome with characters flying out into the audience on ropes.

My Love Affair with New York

I couldn’t leave town without seeing the Tony-award winning musical Memphis!

  1. Camille says:

    Yay that’s awesome your books sold out in NYC! CONGRATS!!

  2. Kristin says:

    NYC is so much fun! I love the fast pace, bright lights, and opportunities to meet people from all over the world! Looks like an awesome trip!- nice European hottie spotting too 🙂


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