My Cosmopolitan Article

June, 9, 2012

Cosmopolitan Article

Elisa Benson, of Cosmopolitan magazine, and I teamed up with body language expert Janine Driver to reveal sneaky signs that tell you whether your guy is looking for a summer fling or something more. A tipoff that you have a fling-man on your hands is what I call the Law of Hot Tubs. If a guy asks you to go hot tubbing at his apartment right after meeting you, it’s generally a code for a hookup session. Basically, he figures your bikini is just an accessory—a very optional one! A man interested in a relationship often goes slower and focuses on getting to know you…all of you, not just your body.

For more insights, see the article at Cosmo.

It was so much fun reuniting with Elisa again after working together on summer romance and superflirt articles for Seventeen magazine.    


  1. Abby says:

    Does the law of hot tubs apply to other settings? Just curious!

  2. Patty says:

    What’s the law of hot tubs? I spend a lot of time in hot tubs so I should probably find out!

  3. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    The Law of Hot Tubs applies to when a guy first meets a girl and tries to get her in his hot tub alone immediately. The offer is often strategically timed so that she doesn’t have a chance to get her bikini beforehand:) It’s the smooth version of a guy meeting a girl at a bar and inviting her up to his room to play strip poker. I have friends who throw hot tubbing parties for their friends. That’s a completely different situation.

  4. Maria says:

    Ya look at Ashton Kutcher. Met a chick in a bar, took her up to his hotel room for hot tubing, banged her, his security guard kicked her out like he was lettin out the dog. Never saw her again.

  5. Grace says:

    Interesting! I have never thought of it that way… will definitely have to keep the law of hot tubbing in mind! thanks!!


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