My Book Travels Everywhere

October, 5, 2010

Girls at Vanderbilt and University of Washington took these fun pictures of themselves reading my book. The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men travels everywhere:)

Maddie, the Vandy girl who sent me the following three pictures, wrote the cutest captions for them: “Maddie’s supposed to be doing homework, but learning how to snag a European man is so much more interesting than history!”


“Becky, ready to go out to a pirates themed party, catches up on some man-meeting tidbits.”


“Melissa’s laughing it up while reading man-meeting stories!”


Kristina from UW knows that Oktoberfest is a manfest…the perfect place to use guy-getting tips.


Kristin from UW looks so adorable…definitely a Euro man magnet! Her clutch even matches my book.



  1. Alberto says:

    Wow! Hot girls read this book.

  2. Anonymous says:

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