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April, 15, 2015

Will I ever stop being enchanted by Milly designs? I’d say the answer is an emphatic, “No!”

Milly A

This creation is a blend of sunny coquettishness and couture detailing. The cloth is adorned with tiny shimmering flecks that are only visible up close, giving it an element of surprise. The closer you come, the more flecks and depth you notice.

Milly B

This quality of Milly’s spring/summer collection is intentional. As Michelle Smith, the founder, explained, “I designed a lot of the fabrics I’m using. I’ve married classic fabrics — like an Italian wool fabric and I bonded it. I took it and I treated it here in New York City and used a bonding technique on it. It creates beautiful body and sculpture.”

Milly C

I can attest to that. Milly’s masterpieces flatter the figure with comfortable fabrics that have substance.



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