How to Make a Minty Easter Cake

April, 16, 2014

…Infused with delicious! After wearing my “Piece of Cake” tee in my Meeting Men Monday Pillow Talk video, I got the urge to bake a cake for an Easter party. My cousin Tina, the Cake Queen, gave me tips.

Easter Cake A

Tina says using a box cake mix is nothing to be ashamed of. But you need an excellent one. Her favorite is Pillsbury, with pudding in the mix. Here’s how I made my white Easter cake:

Easter Cake B

Shopping List/Cake and Toppings: 1) two boxes of vanilla Pillsbury cake mix, 2) eight eggs (use only the whites), 3) mint Oreo cookies, 4) spring-colored Junior Mints, 5) Peeps, 6) Sixlets, and 7) glitter frosting tubes.

For a bakery-quality masterpiece, Tina suggests buying two boxes of mix and using two pans. Other professional advice is to coat the pans in Bak-Klene ZT non-stick bakery spray, and fill them ¾ deep with batter.

Easter Cake C

Baking Tips: After pouring your batter into the pans, drop them several times on the counter to release air bubbles. Once the batter is cooked, gently flatten the cakes using a clean folded towel so you don’t have to cut off the tops. Be careful not to get burned by escaping steam.

Easter Cake D

Shopping List/White Buttercream Frosting: 1) two cups shortening, 2) two lbs. powdered sugar, 3) two tbs. Wilton clear vanilla, 4) two tbs. Wilton butter flavoring, 5) one cup powdered vanilla coffee creamer, and 6) one cup hot water. Shout-out to my calories counting friends…this is the time to put that counter away:)

Easter Cake E

To make the frosting, whisk the coffee creamer in a small bowl with hot water. Then set it aside. Next, cream the shortening. Add flavorings and about ½ cup of the coffee creamer. Slowly mix in the powdered sugar. Use more creamer only if needed to make the frosting smooth but thick.

Easter Cake F

Since this frosting doesn’t contain dairy products, you won’t need to refrigerate it.

Easter Cake G

Now comes my favorite part…decorating. It wouldn’t be Easter without Peeps.

Easter Cake H

When I spied the Easter Junior Mints and mint Oreo cookies at the market, I just had to put them in my cart. The combination of Tina’s cake and frosting with Junior Mints is vanilla mint deluxe! I topped my cake with Oreos, frosted and decorated to resemble Easter eggs.

Easter Cake I



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