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Meghan Trainor Makeup and Fashion

April, 17, 2015

Dear Future Husband of Meghan Trainor… I have something to add to her anthem… She’s a complete babe. Case closed! And today, I’m teaching how to do her dramatic cat eye from her tongue-in-cheek music video Dear Future Husband.

Meghan Trainor Makeup A Meghan Trainor Makeup B

Since Meghan’s cat eye is thick, she chose to keep her shadows light, making the liner pop. Begin by dusting a pale pink or white shadow all over your eyelids. I chose Bobbi Brown’s white hue. Then I smudged a tiny bit of taupe in the crease to give my eyes depth.

Meghan Trainor Makeup C Meghan Trainor Makeup D

For today’s look, I used YSL’s Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils. I like it because the liner pen has a wider base and pointed tip, making it ideal for creating Meghan’s bold cat eye.

Meghan Trainor Makeup E

Here are the steps: Start by drawing your upper liner like you normally would. Keep the line thin at first. It’s easy to add on thickness, but artfully removing liner can be tricky.

Meghan Trainor Makeup F

Next, go over that same line, but this time gradually make it wider beginning at the midpoint of your eye. As you reach the outer edge, make it even wider. Remember, if your line ends up being a bit bumpy, you can always go back and smooth it out with your pen.

Once you’ve obtained the thickness you desire, extend the outer edge in a slight curve…arching up toward your eyebrow. Hint: To create the perfect cat eye, curve up starting where your lower lashes end. This will complement your eye shape.


So now we have a cat eye, but it’s thinner at the outer edges than Meghan’s. All you need to do to get her look is continue brushing your pen along the curve until it’s the thickness of hers. Since your upper liner is such a statement, you only need a slight lower liner. Meghan added a little smoky-eye smudge at the end.


Apply some fuchsia lipstick and you’re ready to find that future husband;)


50’s Clothing. As I’m sure you noticed from her music video, Meghan’s bringing back 50’s fashions. If you’d like to find styles from this era that are reasonably priced, drop by Unique Vintage.

Meghan Trainor Fashion C Meghan Trainor Fashion B Meghan Trainor Fashion A


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