Meeting Ivanka Trump

January, 8, 2015

Seamlessly navigating high profiles and high fashion. That’s Ivanka Trump. I was honored to meet this savvy businesswoman encased in natural beauty.

Ivanka Trump A

Ivanka leads the Trump Organization through some of its most important deals while managing her own fashion-and-jewelry house and her young family. In recent months, I’ve become a fan of her shoes. They’re reasonably priced even though they look like they could take a chunk out of your bank account. Tomorrow, for Fashion Friday, I’m wearing an outfit with one of my favorites from her line.

Ivanka Trump B

And since it’s now Travel Thursday, we’re going to NYC for a visit to one of Ivanka’s favorite restaurants for date night with her husband. It’s the Egg Shop on the Lower East Side, a casual place with a comfy vibe inspired by “the magic of an egg sandwich.” The eggs served there are organic, locally sourced, and incorporated into a variety of “seemingly infinite recipes.” So if you’re an egg lover, like Ivanka, you’ll love this place.

Egg Shop


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