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Meet a Basketball Star…

September, 29, 2014

…from University of Chicago and a complete campus hunk! If you haven’t seen my latest sports skit, do yourself a favor and catch John’s cameo. You just know that any guy willing to hoist me on his shoulders for the sake of a fun project is easygoing. But John’s also insightful. I receive quite a few emails from college girls. So I presented some of their questions to him, and he was more than happy to give you the honest answers. Are you ready?

John A

Leave the Drama on the Stage. I asked John what he wants in a relationship. FYI ladies, he is currently in the market for a girlfriend. But he explained, “She has to be down to earth and not dramatic. I want someone who I can look at as a friend as well as a girlfriend.”

Sprint vs Marathon. John is in agreement with some other men I’ve featured on my site regarding this relationship topic. When he hopes to date a girl seriously, he won’t go full throttle ahead when it comes to getting physical. If he cares about a girl, he wants to wait to have sex until it feels special because he knows he’s going for the long term. As he says, “When you really like someone, you make love to her, you don’t have sex.” Is this guy a keeper or what?!

One Night or Many? I keep receiving similar emails from girls. They go something like this: “I met a guy last week. We had a terrific night and I thought there was a strong connection. We had just met, but I felt like I knew him instantly so we hooked up. Then he never called me. Why?” I asked that why to John. But first, I want to explain that you don’t know anyone – and I mean ANYONE – the night you meet him. Trust me.

John’s take is that, “Guys look at one-night stands selfishly. They’re interested in satisfying themselves, not the girls.” He went on to explain that once the night is over, the guy is no longer thinking about the girl. Frankly, he was never really thinking about her. Whereas, as John explains, “In a relationship, the guy wants to make not only one night special for the girl, but many. He’s thinking about pleasing her over himself.”

So for you girls who emailed me, I want you to forget about those one-nighters who never called. You are jewels. Remember that. Realize your worth. There are guys who will want to be with you for way longer than one night!

Thanks John, for appearing in my skit and answering these relationship questions. And girls, if you attend a University of Chicago game later this year, you will get to see John in action on the court!

John B


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