Make Your Skin Glow

May, 27, 2014

My friend Sean is a beauty stylist for every cosmetic carried by Nordstrom! This means that he is fabulous at creating ALL makeup looks and knows the best products to pull for you from each line.

Sean A

Today, I asked Sean to help me choose a foundation. I had just touched down from my travels and was completely out. Plus, I had a small bruise on my temple from when a lady unwittingly hit me as she flailed her arms around while flirting with a man:) Sean’s answer was a cornucopia of expert advice.

Sean B

Mega Coverage. Sean tackled the bruise first. His 911 was Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer. Although typically used to erase dark circles under eyes, it’s also perfect for camouflaging scars, bruises, and tattoos…anywhere. Sean uses two shades geared to your skin color—one darker and the other lighter. He puts the darker one on first and layers the lighter one over it. If the bruise is on your face, he then blends your foundation over that combo. If not, he ends with Laura’s Loose Setting Powder. This keeps the color from rubbing off or transferring to your clothes.

Laura Mercier

Satisfied Skin. For foundation, Sean gave me a light, breathable tint with SPF for my active life…Clarins Multi-Protection Tint. It’s chemical-free and good for your skin. Camera-Ready Face. Much of my work involves being photographed, and we’re all living in a camera-happy society. Sean’s tip for having great-looking skin on film is applying a little Chanel Perfection Velvet Makeup. Hydrating Blush. After treating your face so well, don’t crash the party by putting powder on your cheeks. Sean suggests a hydrating blush like La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream.

Face Makeup

Well, I told you he was a cornucopia of cosmetic knowledge. Sean’s also someone who cares, so he gave me these additional tips: Contouring. Sometimes a girl wants more defined cheekbones and other benefits that come from contouring. For this, Sean recommended NARS Matte Multiple. Moisture Galore. And he knows that someone like me who spends a fair amount of time flying can sometimes use an extra-moist foundation. For this, the gold standard is La Prairie Foundation.


Flower Power. Before saying goodbye, Sean gave me this La Prairie gift with samples including Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. This is made from flowers growing under the ice in the Swiss Alps that can only be harvested ten days a year! Just as the ice keeps the flowers safe and moist, the oil “seals moisture within your skin longer than ever thought possible.”




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