Make Your Bank Account Happy with Maybelline

May, 28, 2017

If you’re looking to save money, but want to be on-trend with quality makeup products, try Maybelline. It’s one of my favorite reasonably-priced brands. And the 24k Nudes wins the versatility award. I’ve blogged about this palette before, but it’s worth looping back around to…especially if you live somewhere on the cusp of summer, and want to soak up the sun with a new look.

Maybelline AMaybelline B

In just one small case, you get a whopping twelve different shades, all for only about $12. The colors range from eggplant to cream, gold, and brown. Combining them can create a variety of beautiful looks for any complexion.

Maybelline CMaybelline D

I believe in 100% honesty, so I’ll give you the total scoop. In my opinion, this pick, can look as flawless as the expensive brands. The one downfall I’ve found is that it wears off faster if you’re in a humid environment. This isn’t the palette I’d choose for dancing the night away; however, for everyday activities it’s amazing.

Maybelline E



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