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Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care

April, 14, 2015

That describes coconut oil. This splurge-free item isn’t just great for cooking. When used on dry hair, it adds shine.

Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care A

And when you put it on wet hair, due to its chemical structure, coconut oil also penetrates the cortex, treating the interior of each strand to keep it healthy.

Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care B

Whenever I treat myself to this natural indulgence, I first shampoo my hair. Then I evenly distribute the coconut oil and braid my strands so they’re out of the way.

Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care C

I leave the oil on for about fifteen minutes while I do some work and hop back in the shower to rinse and condition as usual. If you follow this process about once a week you’ll have an abundance of strength and shine. The below pic was taken right after I discovered its wonders.

Low Cost, High Quality Hair Care D


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