Loving Cabo

March, 18, 2015

…And Kate Spade. Which is why when I eyed this Love dress of hers, I knew it was going in my suitcase.


And speaking of that L word, a traveler definitely feels the love here. People are ultra-friendly and everyone is encouraged to join in everything regardless of age differences. I’ve already started a tradition of morning water aerobics where we are joined by the smiling faces of those eight to eighty-eight. In my mind, it makes up for succumbing to all those tantalizing sweet rolls staring at me every morning in the pool-side restaurant. Cabo sure knows how to make irresistible treats!


After water aerobics – which if I’m going to be honest, is fifty percent a chat fest accompanied by good music – I head for the sand-and-sea. After the sun sets, on goes the dress and I’m ready to fiesta. That’s where Kate Spade comes in. If any of you have a favorite Cabo haunt, I’d like to hear about it.

Loving Cabo C



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