This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

Love Tips from Gravity-Defying Man

April, 28, 2014

I’m referring to my dare devil brother. Sisters have certain bragging rights, so here I go… Clay is one of the best rock climbers, doing vertical nerve-numbing routes, testing climbing and skiing equipment for manufacturers, doing rigging for shows, and being showcased in premiere climbing magazines!

Clay Cahoon A

Last year he was on the cover of this issue. Yes, that’s my brother in the vertigo-inducing stunt!

Clay Cahoon B

Since today is Meeting Men Monday and he is happily married, I’m letting you in on his relationship tips. Clay and his wife share a passion for climbing. Whenever life gets rough, they commune on the rocks, their relationship grows stronger, and the world looks better.

Clay Cahoon C

So Clay believes that for a thriving relationship, you must have similar interests, as well as the standard requirements of being totally attracted, possessing shared values, and treating each other with respect.

Clay D



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