This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

The Love Stats

April, 21, 2014

Longing for more love in your life? I’ve got a tip backed by research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. If you show support for your amour when something good happens to him that will increase his trust, contentment, and emotional intimacy, and cause him to believe that you will be there for him if something goes wrong. This study was done on married couples, but the same principle applies to the dating scene.

The Love Stats

Dr. Shelly Gable, professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of California, explained that if your loved one says, for example, that he’s getting a raise, your response shouldn’t be something like, “Doesn’t that mean you will have to work a lot more?” That’s an automatic ego and relationship deflator. Instead you should celebrate his accomplishment by saying something like, “I know how hard you worked to earn this… Let’s go to dinner.” That will strengthen your bond. Can’t dispute the doctor!


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