Love Advice from the Gypsy

July, 7, 2014

Last spring, I introduced you to Cristin, a girl who became a fast friend after she read The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, and reached out to me. She needed a change, and was inspired to travel by the true stories of the women in my book. You can read what I’ve written about her worldly adventures, but today I’m focusing on her love life. She has a refreshing outlook and has agreed to let me share it with you.


When we originally connected, Cristin explained how she had made a list of the qualities she wanted in a man, and dated one after another who looked perfect on paper but proved disappointing. She decided it was time for a change. Did she go on a man cleanse? No way! She reinvented herself by working and traveling her way through new places. She developed an open attitude and narrowed her list of the critical masculine attributes to just one…uplifting.

On one of her adventures, she met a man who was the polar opposite of the type she had been seeking. He did not have the profession, age bracket, or looks of the guys she had been dating, but he had far more important characteristics…. He was charismatic, compatible and kind. They got along so well that they spent a month traveling to nine places in three countries. As she explained, “He was the most fun because he was up for ANYTHING.” She came away from this relationship realizing that although he wasn’t Mr. RIGHT, he was Mr. Right NOW…and that was exactly what she needed him to be at that time. He helped her retrieve some of the carefree qualities she had lost and missed. She will always be grateful.


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