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Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial

August, 24, 2015

Who says a girl has to be a supermodel, like Karlie, to show off her makeup style?

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial AThere’s no way I could double for this catwalk darling, but I’m giving you a step-by-step makeup tutorial so you can make Karlie’s look your own.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial B

First, pick a golden/copper shadow to brush on your eyelids. I chose one from Guerlain’s Petrouchka Palette.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial C

Concentrate more shadow in your creases.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial D

Second, apply a soft, black eyeliner-pencil. Any favorite brand is fine as long as the pencil is truly soft. Karlie’s look is more on the natural than the dramatic end of the spectrum. Her soft pencil keeps her eyeliner from looking too bold. Only extend your lower line from the outer corner of your eye to the center.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial E

Third, smudge your lower line. This step is why it’s crucial to pick a soft liner. You can either use a product with a smudge brush built in, or take a small brush and go back and forth across the line several times to soften it.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial F

Fourth, frame your eyes with mascara. Right now, I’m loving MAC’s Extreme Dimension. It goes on and comes off fast and easy, while lengthening lashes.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial G

Fifth, use a soft, white eyeliner-pencil along the lower wet-line to make your eye color pop. I’ve tried out a variety of brands and have been happy with all of them.

Karlie Kloss Makeup Tutorial H

Sixth, give your eyebrows a boost. Karlie is known for hers. Lancôme is my go-to to plump-up mine. As you can see, it’s almost time for me to buy a new pencil.

Makeup Tutorial H

End with a soft lipstick. Mine is a Bobbi Brown throwback that I just can’t part with, but a comparable color is Pink Tulip. Apply lightly for a Karlie glow.

Makeup Tutorial I

This model is such a babe. If you follow these steps, you can be one too.

Makeup Tutorial J





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