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Interior Design 101

October, 15, 2014

Until today, my coffee table has been void of decorations. It has faithfully served as a spot to lay out drafts of my books and screenplays, a faux dining table for takeout, and a place to prop up my phone while following my barre app. But I started to feel sorry for this lonely structure devoid of embellishment, so I enlisted my friend Tara to help decorate it. She is a design mastermind from Henredon & Schoener.

Interior Design A

When Tara and I rendezvoused, she first looked at the entire living room. Then we went to her workroom, and this is what we chose. Throughout the process, she gave me a crash course in design. So I’m passing on some of her tips. Then if you decide to clear away the takeout boxes and give your coffee table some décor, you’ll have inside knowledge.

Interior Design B

Find a Focal Point. It’s best to create a theme to pull through a room. I chose the color green. It is prominent in the print on my upholstered couches and the textured fabric on my occasional chairs. The room also has gold, cream, brass and brown. So for the coffee table, Tara and I included touches of those.

Appeal to All Senses. When entering a room, decorations that target multiple senses are the ones that leave a lasting impression. That is why we chose candles with an inviting scent, and accessories with varied textures.

Be Balanced. A landmark coffee table design is one that feels balanced. The proportions of objects placed on it need to fit both the table and the room. And this may sound strange, but a balanced number is often an odd one. Aesthetically pleasing groupings often come with three parts, which is why we designed our tablescape with three points.

Interior Design C

Thank you, Tara, for your expert advice. When it comes to design, you really can’t get better than this lady!


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