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Episode Two

April, 5, 2013

I really enjoyed reading your comments and emails about where you’d like Miss Sexcapader to meet her first fling. Your ideas were terrific. They inspired me in writing this section, but it was hard to decide who to follow. Many described the Sexcapader as a cool, beer-guzzling girl, who is into lust, not love. Others countered that she’d be up for romance. Some felt that she’d begin as a party girl and grow into a romantic. This is a fabulous solution because it combines all of your wonderful ideas and gives Miss Sexcapader an arc.

Barcelona won out as the location for her first star, but only by a little bit. Greece, France, Italy, Germany and Ireland were close behind…so in future excerpts, I’ll try to cover them. Thanks for all your help! It means a lot to me and makes a big difference.

  1. abigailkim019 says:

    I would love to see Pierre and the Princess Bride hit up the museums in Paris! The two could bond over some of the classics in the Louvre and finish up with a romanic stroll by the river Seine. The date is both age appropriate and will allow Pierre to show off the real art aficionado he is.

  2. gab0429 says:

    Going along with the whole Princess Bride idea, I think a day trip to Versailles would be romantic. The two could stroll along in the gardens and see the wonderful art and treasures hidden inside. Plus it would give Pierre an excuse to keep her out later for a quaint evening at a cafe for dinner then talking a walk by the Arc de Triumph with some French pastries.

  3. jordankean says:

    I loved this installment! I also think Paris is the perfect place for Princess Bride to have a date with Pierre. They could walk around the city and he could show her various sites around Paris. I think it would be romantic if they went to a fair/festival of some sort where they could ride a big ferris wheel, play games, and eat delicious food.

  4. Alyssa says:

    I like Gabbi’s idea of a day trip to Versailles. There is something so romantic about that palace! However, I think they need to do something more private like a small town, little cottage get away. I think it would be romantic if they went to some small village in the outskirts of France and go to a small restaurant where everything is written in French and no one speaks English so Pierre can show off his French, it is such a romantic language, after dinner they can walk around the town and look at the stars.

  5. Holly B says:

    The setting for the Sexcapader in this scene was perfect- I’m into sports, so I loved the whole soccer game thing. I was also glad to finally see the Princess Bride in the story! I think that the idea of Peirre taking her to Versailles is great! The gardens there are gorgeous, and they could do a romantic picnic there. Otherwise, somewhere out of the way and less touristy would be great!

  6. abbymself says:

    I think Pierre should wine and dine the Princess Bride. After dinner, I’d love to see him take her dancing – like a classic movie scene. You can’t go wrong with wine and dancing!

  7. Katie says:

    I like the idea of them going to a small town outside of Paris like Loire Valley or even wine country in Bordeaux. Pierre can show what he knows about the culture and teach her something about it.

  8. tinaofleon says:

    I think they should have a sweet first date in Paris! Perhaps biking along the city streets, and getting ice cream together. I definitely agree with Abigail! I think they should hit up the museums and talk art. I’d like to see them do tourist-y things, but with Pierre’s insider outlook. They should just enjoy Paris culture together!

  9. kmk17 says:

    An activity that’s art and history oriented would be perfect for their first date, something Pierre would be all over, to show off his knowledge and wow the princess bride.Since they are just getting to know each other, I think a place like the Louvre would be perfect. So iconic and also seems to match their personalities. It would strike up very interesting conversations and give them plenty of time to get to know each other. Picture perfect!

  10. Taylor Tennison says:

    I’m DEFINITELY thinking Paris. Especially for PIERRE and Princess Bride–this needs to be the most romantic, even STEREOTYPICALLY romantic date EVER. That’s what these characters are all about–romance! Walking along the Seine, maybe a picnic? Or dinner on the Eiffel tower? They should definitely watch the tower when it twinkles at night. It’s the most beautiful and romantic thing I’ve ever seen! I think for a day date, time in a fun Parisian bistro with beautiful desserts and coffee, followed by an afternoon at the Louvre would be nice. There are so many possibilities for romance to unfold for these two lovebirds à Paris!

  11. BR says:

    I like the idea of Pierre taking Presley on a less touristy date but I think that part of the excitement about traveling abroad is going some place that is touristy. But because you are traveling with a person who is from the area, does’t make it touristy. For example: When I studied abroad in Paris, one of my girlfriends on the trip met the most amazing French man. We were all very jealous of her because he would take her on these romantic dates; out to dinner, a stroll in the park. Very simple endeavors. One of the best memories I have from her is when he took her to this restaurant to have macaroons. The restaurant was at the very top of this building but where they sat right next to the window, you could see most of Paris including the Eiffel tower. I think its dates like this that are fun and exciting because you get to see the landmarks and sites in a very different way.

    I would even suggest a date at a vineyard or something romantic. I think the location should be recognizable to readers so they are able to connect with the characters and where they are but this could also be an opportunity to have that less touristy feel. I think the whole idea of him showing her his culture can be done in many different ways. I mean, he is French so he has lived in France his whole life and no matter where he is, if it is in Paris or not he knows more about the city than she does. Any quaint, small, local restaurant in my opinion is romantic. I think it creates that romantic feel that is desired while also showing his more authentic side.

  12. neenapack says:

    I think Pierre should take the Princess Bride to see Paris through his eyes. For example, of course they should see the Eiffel Tower, but not the same way all the tourists see it. What if he took her to the rooftop of an old building nearby with a stunning view – he could bring a bottle of wine and two glasses. Or maybe he does take her to the Louvre but he might have an old uncle that works security there and let’s them tour the place for an hour after its closed while the custodians clean. Maybe he could take her to an iconic restaraunt that usually takes hours to get seated in and but they go through the back door and get hooked up by Pierre’s friend with a tiny table and two chairs in tne corner of Paris’ hottest kitchen. I think it’s romantic and typical fairy tale with a unique twist.

  13. madsmac says:

    I really like Neena’s comment! I would like to see Pierre take Princess Bride to unique locations that only locals know about within Paris. They could check out a beautiful view of Paris at night from the rooftop of his childhood home. He could take her to a locally known dinner spot: somewhere that isn’t touristy. I agree with Neena about sneaking into a well known place so that Princess Bride gets to see a different side of a famous tourist site.

  14. Sara Sampson says:

    Agree with Neena! Pierre should somehow give Princess Bride a special tour of Louvre. Something unexpected and intimate. I’m dying to know what happens with the Sexcapader and the geek. How is she gunna get her star! Plain Jane needs a romance too. How about Professor Hot Stuff?

  15. ruthellen16 says:

    I like Taylor’s comment. I don’t think it matters so much where Pierre takes the Princess Bride but it has to be romantic, romantic, romantic. I think if there could be some dancing and smooth talking that would be nice. Pierre is a smooth man. I also like Neena’s idea of Pierre showing Presley an iconic Paris spot but through his eyes in an exclusive, private setting. The Louvre after hours would be awesome. I think every girl has to be jealous when Pierre tries to impress Presley. It should be something that every girl dreams of in a date.

  16. ruthellen16 says:

    BTW Katherine, the last section was so good! I loved the unexpected twists. Never thought the Sexcapader would have to go for a geek. Those kind of twists are what make stories exciting.

  17. tomtenders says:

    any straight guy would be turned on by THE SEXCAPADER. wish she’d have chosen me as her first conquest;) katherine cheers for putting the last installment in a sports bar and covering an actual game.

  18. ruthellen16 says:

    Another thought. Sara’s right, Plain Jane needs to end up with the hot professor. I’m so sick of movies and TV shows I watch where pretty girls end up with hotties. It’s time to have an average girl get him. Most of us are average and we want to feel like we can get a great guy.

  19. Rhonda says:

    Haha that last section made me laugh. Enjoyed the sexcapader’s witty pickup lines! Pierre should take PB someplace he can show off his art knowledge.

  20. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    Love all your awesome ideas! I used them in episode #3, which I’m editing right now.


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