How To Protect Children From School Shootings

November, 21, 2019

What causes people to attack schools? In the case of a school shooting, is it best to run and hide, or fight? These are the types of terrifying questions that our children must consider as these horrific attacks escalate. What does FBI research teach us about the answers to those questions? What do parents, grandparents and students think about what they are facing, and what should be done? What do you think? My full report is on

  1. Mafalda says:

    I am very moved by this report, it’s so tragic. We don’t own so many guns in France and you need a licence and are obliged by the law to lock them so there aren’t massive school shootings even though there is an escalation of harassment and violence in schools and it gets worse in high schools unfortunately.
    One of my 10-year-old twin daughters was harassed in school and beaten to a pulp for 10 months by a boy who pushed her in the staircase (she could have died) and spat in the trash can and tried to put her best friend’s head in it. She told us the bruises on her legs was because she was falling down when she was playing in the schoolyard.
    I noticed the signs of early depression because she started crying, having headaches, stomachaches and even asked me to see a shrink because the boy threatened them it would get worse. She didn’t want to go to school and I figured something was off.
    Worst thing is: the headmaster knew it and did nothing and I had to file a complaint to the District attorney because the school didn’t take it seriously and lied saying I was overreacting and didn’t follow the civil code procedure I sent them and they told the mediator it happened during extracurricular time so I had to file a complaint against the city and the mum had the guts to she was going to sue me because I had alerted the local newspaper even if my name was mentioned and that two little girls were actually bullying the bully who pinched himself to make his mum believe the girls did it even though he did boxing and was twice their size.
    Her teacher told me the trash can thing was fairly common: I asked him what was next. Put their head in the toilet and flush? And what it had happened to own daughters. He didn’t care because it didn’t happen to him.
    Luckily, it was enough to stop the kid, but unfortunately the news reported that a kindergarten headmaster In Montpellier used to beat toddlers, tie them up, insult them and lock them in a cupboard and made them eat their own vomit. All the teachers knew and as with my kid, but the headmaster got away with it as well. Harassment is not properly addressed in France and it’s such a shame. Again, the parents noticed something was wrong and sued the school and nothing happened.
    On the bright side, young kids are told how to deal with terrorist attacks, after what happened over the last years and the headmasters have to simulate a terrorist attack: the teacher locks the room and the kids hide under their desk. It’s a start.
    When are we going to take example of what works best in each country and stop this nonsense? It scares me for my kids and their future, the world is going crazy.
    Excellent job. Communication is key and safety procedures as well as detecting early signs but it’s very difficult to see it. Even I didn’t notice, it only happened at the end of the year, the kids hid it to us and the harasser was doing it behind the teachers back, but once they knew it, they should have done what the law ordered and they didn’t. Shame on them.


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