How to Meet Men at Parties

December, 15, 2011

Meet Men at PartiesWith the holiday season heating up, parties abound. For many single girls, meeting appealing men is the icing on the cake of a great event. As many of you know, I spent four summers studying in Europe before writing The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. Many Euro cities are known as party central so my girlfriends and I had sufficient practice at learning the best ways to increase our chances of meeting eligible men at parties. Upon returning to the States, we found that the same tactics work here―and that they are not only good for meeting men but for making new friends.

The food is where it’s at. DJs may wish that dance floors were the most popular spots at parties, but let’s face it, no matter how great the music mixes are, the refreshment tables usually win the popularity contest. Sooner or later, people are bound to get hungry or thirsty. If you position yourself near the provisions, you up your chances of meeting party-goers.

Nobody wants to meet a cross person. I have a friend who always crosses her arms when she’s nervous. This often happens when she enters a party where she doesn’t know many of the attendees. She really is delightful, but I have heard people comment that her stance gives the message that she is closed off. Remember how you appear to onlookers and stand in a relaxed, open manner.

People love to laugh. My friends and I found that it’s easier to break the ice by cracking a joke. How you go about this depends on your personality. I have a friend who is extremely outgoing and all about fun. Once at a party, she pretended to be the bouncer and ID’d people at the door. One of the men she ID’d happened to be her future husband! He wanted to meet her, but was shy. If she hadn’t taken this party approach she might not have started the most important relationship of her life! You may not feel comfortable taking on the role of pretend bouncer, but anyone can joke in a friendly manner.

  1. Betty says:

    Looks like a fab party. KCC you look stunning, love the advice! I’m going to a holiday partaaaay Fri and I’m gunna be a pretend bouncer!!


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