How Do You Know If You’re in Love?

September, 21, 2015

This is technically a fashion post, but I’ve never been one to let something like a “technicality” get in my way. I love the emails and messages that you all send me. I feel like I know you from them, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to meet most of you. I always try to answer dating questions privately, but I thought I’d start sharing some of them here on my blog, because if one girl has a question there are probably others who want the answer too.

Isabel A

Since today is technically (there’s that word again) about fashion, before I get down to the dating question, I want to hail to the fashion queen, Isabel. I’m talking about Isabel Marant Étoile, the more “affordable” end of Isabel Marant couture. With this French piece I’m wearing, you don’t have to transport yourself to the days of Great Gatsby. Just put it on and you’re already there in your flapper-esque frock perfect for twirling.

Isabel B

I took a break from my hillside romp to snap a picture of the lake. As you can see, it’s beautiful. Whenever I look at a beautiful scene, it reminds me of love because something beautiful is even more so when enjoying it with a loved one.

Isabel C

And that leads me to this charming question that one of you asked me: “I’ve just started dating. How do I know if I have fallen in love? This would be the initial stage. I know what it feels like to have butterflies in my stomach. Is love like having 500 butterflies?”

Isabel D

I would actually say yes. Of course, everyone feels love in her own special way, but here are some signs for me…

When I look at that special person, I don’t just feel like there are 500 butterflies in my stomach, I feel like the 500 butterflies are doing a dance.

I am so happy that the rest of the world melts away.

There is never enough time together. Whether we spend one hour or eleven, I want more.

When I hug him, I can’t tell whether I’m hearing his heart beating or mine, and it just doesn’t matter because that is how much I feel one with him.

When even the little joys in life remind me of him.

When I never want to leave him.

And I miss him when we’re apart.


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