The Hottest Catwalk Trend

July, 1, 2014

Sydney, from Aveda Corporate, showed me how to pull off this “sexy ponytail,” and I’m passing the trade secret on to you.


First, backcomb your hair to a degree that seems crazily excessive. This will give you the sexy lift.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend A

Second, gently smooth that hair and clip up the top half. Sydney just used the end of a rattail comb.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend B

Third, use an elastic band to secure the lower section of hair in a ponytail positioned right above the nape of your neck.

Fourth, remove the clip from the top section of hair and smooth it over the low tail. Then use another elastic band to combine that hair with your tail, while gently pulling up strands of hair from it to create volume. By making the two tails into one, your hair will remain sleek but appear fuller.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend C

Lastly, cover the bands by wrapping a small piece of hair from your ponytail around them and pinning it in place.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend D

Now you’re ready to strut your stuff! Where’s that catwalk?

The Hottest Catwalk Trend E

The products that Sydney used in my hair were Aveda Daily Hair Repair, Volumizing Tonic, and Control Force hair spray.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend F

Thank you, Aveda, for the gifts! And thank you, Sydney, for the lesson. I’m planning on doing something really fun tonight with my sleek new doo.

The Hottest Catwalk Trend G



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