No Horsing Around Here

March, 19, 2014

The 66 gorgeous horses in Odysseo – the traveling fantastical production by Cavalia – mean business. They move in elaborate patterns, often carrying acrobatic riders, at times under the canopy of trapeze artists, and always with elegance.

Odysseo A

The audience is transported to a mystical world where every moment is a visual tour de force. Horses gallop down a 35-foot mountain which changes with the choreography to a succession of territorial scenes from around the world. A waterfall appears, and then a massive pool of water. The horses seamlessly continue the performance, as their hooves send water flying in sync with an airy musical accompaniment.


Throughout the show, I was especially impressed with the loving guidance the horses received. Even the beautiful, young stallion with an obstreperous streak was brought back into the fold with a reassuring pat.


Everything about Odysseo is a work of art, even the lighted beams that hold up the bleachers inside the tent.


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