Headband Haute

July, 15, 2014

Today, we have a little headband history. As I was racing through Nordstrom to pick up something before dinner, I was stopped by – not just one but two – displays jam-packed with headbands. Some say that this fashion began when wreaths were placed on the heads of winning athletes at the first Olympic Games. This summer, headbands are again on the list of hot haute fashions.

Headband Haute A

I remember when Gossip Girl brought back the accessory in a big way. Even though that franchise isn’t pumping out new episodes anymore, designers haven’t stopped their love affair with these hair adornments. Wanting to be on-trend, I tested some of the options to select one that I could wear with this top for my dinner date. I had a hard time choosing. The jeweled tangerine one by Cara New York was my first try-on. This style also comes in green and blue with complementary stones.

Headband Haute B

Then there was this turquoise number by Tasha.

Headband Haute C

That was followed by a vibrant raspberry by L. Erickson.

Headband Haute D

And I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with this classic black by Tasha. The lovely sales associate by my side is Alicia. Her favorite was the tangerine. So if you’re looking for something to spice up an outfit, headbands are still en vogue, Nordstrom has them galore, and you can get excellent advice there from people like Alicia!


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