The Gift of Guerlain

December, 16, 2014

If you haven’t met Marcus Monson, my friends, you are missing out! You could travel around the world and be hard-pressed to find an artist who could match his makeup finesse. It’s no wonder that celebrities clamor for his help. He has an uncanny ability to bring out a woman’s best features.

Guerlain A

Plus, Marcus is both personable and hilarious. So while a girl is getting the benefit of his cosmetic genius, she feels like she’s at a party. Today, I’m going to share what he used to create this look on me and how he did it.

Guerlain B

Almost everything came from Guerlain’s Petrouchka Palette, which combines eye shadows, liner, and blush all in one chic golden case secured with a red bow. The presentation looks like a holiday gift…and is perfect for any lady on your list. Marcus used the darker gold tone on my lid, the light gold at my inner eye, copper in the crease, and brown both in the outer corner and as the liner.

Guerlain C

The blush section of the makeup case is divided into four hues. Marcus advised using them at diagonals. Swipe the colors from either top right to lower left or the other way around.

Guerlain D

One of my all-time favorite Guerlain products is Rejuvenating Illuminator. In my opinion, this little item is every bit as important for attending a big event as a date…and maybe even more;) Marcus applied the product under my eyes, to make them look bigger and brighter.

Guerlain E

Then he looked over my face to make sure that all the remaining details were done…like brushing my eyebrows. For my lip color, he used Rouge and Gloss.

Guerlain F

Thank you so much, Marcus, for introducing me to this Palette and teaching me how to use it. I’m editing a fun video incorporating the products and will post it when I’m done.


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