The Governor’s Arts Award Goes To…

February, 16, 2018

The incredible Leslie O’Hashi, owner of Bodyline Dance Theatre.

Leslie is one of the first people I met upon moving to Wyoming almost a year ago to work as an anchor/reporter for CBS NewsChannel 5. I heard about Leslie when she lost her grant for a dance program that miraculously helped kids with disabilities.


Right then, I decided that one of my first stories at Channel 5 should be about Bodyline. My goal was to help Leslie receive another grant. I was so touched at how much dance meant to the students in this program, many of whom couldn’t express themselves through words. Movement was their main form of communication.

Fast forward about nine months… The program is back up and running! My story included a cry for help to keep it going. Leslie’s cousin answered the call. He used my CBS news piece to nominate her for the Governor’s Arts Award…and she won!!!

The award includes a grant. Now Leslie’s program has the funds to continue helping children with disabilities express themselves and develop their talents through their love of dance.


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