Gorgeous DIY Holiday Decorations

December, 2, 2014

As I was shopping last weekend, I noticed how mega-expensive holiday décor could be. That’s what I call, the Rolls-Royce of decorating. If such extravagance would make you take out a loan, don’t despair. There’s no need to leave your home void of sparkle. Today, I’m divulging a DIY project guaranteed to deck the halls in style without obliterating your bank account.

Gorgeous DIY Holiday Decorations A

The decorative panels in the above picture were created by buying sheer material from the fabric store, sewing vertical, three-to-five inch panels from top-to-bottom, and making loops above them big enough for a rod to slide through. LED lights were dropped into the panels. When you hang your drapes, find something festive to tie them back. With this easy-to-make decoration, your home can look like a Hollywood Christmas set on a mac ‘n cheese budget.

Gorgeous DIY Holiday Decorations B

Over the weekend, I found these LED lights for about $15 a set.

Gorgeous DIY Holiday Decorations C

And these butterflies were only about $10 each. I bought mine at Bellevue Nursery, but I’ve seen similar adornments at arts-and-craft stores. Happy holiday decorating!


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