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Golden Globe Dresses for Less – Olivia Wilde, Emma Roberts, Amber Heard

January, 17, 2014

Just because most of us can’t afford to pop for a mega-money celebrity gown, doesn’t mean we can’t be similarly stunning. This week, my blog has been a Golden Globe-athon. So naturally, since it’s Fashion Friday, I went to the four corners of the world for dresses like those worn on the red carpet that cost a fraction of the price. I can’t vouch for the quality, but the looks and cuts are close.

Olivia Wilde

I was green with envy admiring Olivia Wilde, who mesmerized in her glamorous emerald Gucci. I’ve seen evening gowns by this brand priced in the neighborhood of $9,000, which would put me in the neighborhood of bankruptcy. Fortunately, I found a similar frock for $198.

Olivia Wilde Golden Globe Look (similar)

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts was captivating in her black mermaid-style frock by Lanvin. Their long evening garb typically runs well into the thousands. Here is something similar to what Emma wore for $188.99…most likely less than the tax you would pay on the original.

Emma Roberts Golden Globe Look (similar)

Amber Heard

Amber Heard was a classic beauty in midnight blue with ruching and a thigh-high leg-baring split. Her gown was by Atelier Versace, which I think we all know is synonymic for “major money well-spent if you’ve got it.” For those of us who don’t, I found a dress that resembles Ambers on sale now for $139.99.

Amber Heard Golden Globe Look (similar)

Sadly, my favorite red carpet knockoff dress site opted out of doing Golden Globe lookalikes this year, but I did find something called TheCelebrityDresses. They claim to have created 2014 Golden Globe gown replicas for reasonable prices. I’ve never bought anything there, so if you have, we are all eager to hear the result.


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