Gloss in Love

September, 30, 2015

It’s no secret that I’m completely in love with Lancôme’s Gloss in Love. You could say it’s a family affaire. My mom and I use it, and my 91-year-old grandma can’t get enough. She has a few hearing and sight issues, so she thinks the product is named “Lost in Love,” but we never attempt to correct her as she explains that it truly is magical. The applicator pops up at the press of a button so it’s a big hit at her rest home where ladies appreciate not having to juggle a lipstick, cap, brush, and pencil. It’s also popular with my girlfriends on-the-go who freshen up on the subway or in a cab.

Trend Show

Darais, the fabulous celebrity makeup artist, introduced it to my mom and me at a Nordstrom trend show last year, and selected some shades for us to give Grandma. My mom and I saw Darais again the other week. As usual, he was full of makeup tricks and tips. So if you ever get to meet him at a trend show, consider yourself very fortunate. He makes-up the best of the best. He helped create Gloss in Love. I was so intrigued that I took pictures of the glosses. Then I turned my garage into a film studio, threw up a roll of green-screen paper, brought in my boyfriend, and had fun filming and editing this video.

Speaking of love, I loved having Tom in this and I LOVE spending time with him, as I’m sure you can tell.

Also, I greatly appreciate the very talented Daniel Johnson for letting me use his composition, Through a Glass Darkly.


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