Giving in Guatemala

March, 5, 2014

When most people think of spring break, their minds flash to exotic sunsets, colorful drinks, and dancing. Without booking a reservation at a hot resort, college students can get all that while making a difference in people’s lives. A week isn’t too short to help make dreams come true. Through programs like Alternative Spring Break, students can travel, participate in service projects, and enjoy the company of friends.

3-5-14 A

One of my girlfriends said that a spring break service trip to Guatemala was one of her best college memories. Her group was assigned to help build a house for an impoverished family. They were so elated that they treated her like a visiting celebrity and showered her with hugs.

After a long day of hard work, she and her college friends would return home and party on their rooftop. Since they didn’t have electricity – or any modern conveniences – they created their own music a cappella-style, and danced.

3-5-14 B

My friend described this as the ideal spring break vacay at night, and an incredible experience of helping people by day.


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