Girls’ Generation Hair Tutorial

July, 14, 2015

It’s party time with Girls’ Generation. Today, I’m doing a hair tutorial inspired by the looks in their latest music video, and I bet you know the name…Party!

Hair Tutorial A

Begin by placing a floral halo on your head and pinning it in place. These can be found almost anyplace that has a good selection of hair accessories. The look is ultra-popular this season. I chose one with smaller flowers, but the way I did up this hairdo was similar to the Girls’ Gen babes.

First, I took one strand of hair, looped it over the hairpiece, and pinned it in place.

Hair Tutorial B

Second, I looped that same strand around the hairpiece and pulled it through.

Hair Tutorial C

Third, I did exactly the same thing on opposite side, but this time I twisted the strand before looping it through.

Hair Tutorial D Hair Tutorial E Hair Tutorial F

Fourth, I repeated the process on that side with a strand directly underneath the one I just did.

Hair Tutorial G Hair Tutorial H

You can easily create this look and wear it to anything from a summer beach party to a fancy, enchanted evening.


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