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Get Celebrity Skin…

March, 18, 2014

In two minutes, tops! These tips are coming from Bobbi Brown celebrity makeup artist, Marc Reagan. He says a girl doesn’t need professional help to be mistaken for a red carpet regular. Here are his favorite cosmetic concoctions to let you reach skin stardom…


Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm. Ladies shine when their skin glows. Keeping it hydrated will do this and tell future wrinkles to take a hike. This balm is a glow potion.

Extra Face Oil. If your face becomes stubbornly dry, just add a touch of the oil and you’re ready to receive raves about your complexion.

Long-Wear Even Finish Compact. This was formulated to give skin a silky sheen in pics. Use it and click with confidence.

Bobbi Brown B

Pale Pink Lip Gloss. And while you’re posing, steal Katie Holmes’ soft lips. It’s easy with this product…no liner or lipstick needed.


On the subject of pics, Marc and I couldn’t resist taking one together—with matching poses, of course;)


And I’ve been enjoying these treats that Marc gave me.


So all you beautiful babes, remember this makeup artist’s philosophy…I’m talking to every one of you. Looking like a star is within your reach.


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