Full of Festivities…

December, 24, 2014

…in anticipation of Christmas Eve. The holiday season really got going with my grandma’s rest home party. You may think that elderly people are mellow, but she and her friends – the over-eighty set – know how to party! And Grandma made me promise to dress up as Mrs. Claus.

Full of Festivities A

I celebrate Christmas, but have close friends with a variety of religious beliefs and love their traditions too. So as I left Grandma’s party, I snapped this pic with Santa on my left and a menorah on my right.

Full of Festivities B

Then I went straight to Snowflake Lane, where people in a town that usually features winter rain waited in anticipation of…

Full of Festivities C


Full of Festivities D

…and all the fun characters and music that make up this tradition.

Full of Festivities E

Some of these pics were taken earlier in the season, when Santa made a guest appearance. He’s a little too busy to be there right now:)

Full of Festivities F

And this holiday just wouldn’t be complete without Christmas Dance Wars. Celebrities Maria Menounos, Derek Hough, Julianne Hough and Mark Ballas began the fun tradition of having families and friends create their own holiday dance videos. Here is one I put together flaunting Seattle spunk!

There are so many things to love about this season, but at the top of my list is the spirit of love and compassion that brings peace regardless of where we are or what we’re facing.

Full of Festivities G


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