This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

Flocking to Festivals

August, 6, 2015

You know it’s summer when “music” and “festival” are inseparable buzzwords. And when a girl attends one of those, she feels left out if she isn’t decked out in festival fashion, so here’s the look…bohemian and bangles.

Forever 21 A

Now you need to find the place. Since this is Travel Thursday, here’s a list of the best summer fests of 2015…


And this post just wouldn’t be complete without some mf philosophy: “Festivals are the way people want to experience music, more and more,” Paul Tollett, Coachella founder explained, adding, “This is the first time in history that parents and kids are going to shows together—and it’s not embarrassing.”

Forever 21 B

In my mind, there is no better place to pick up fest garb than Forever 21. The pieces are hip and inexpensive, which is very important when attending an event that could involve getting doused by the drink of someone who is a little too into dancing…if you know what I mean:)


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