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Flattering Victoria’s Secret Workout Attire

December, 22, 2015

After watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I somehow thought that if I threw on clothes from the store, my physique would resemble Gigi Hadid’s. But that’s so not what happened! I still looked like the average girl. Honestly, though, I think every girl should be happy with the body she was given, so instead of lamenting my lack of VS genes, I looked for flattering workout attire from the company’s PINK line. Here’s the scoop:

PINK has several hoodies. I like the ones that zip all the way up. That simplifies life when you’re doing something like taking a ballet barre class. As your body temperature rises, you can strategically unzip it. When you no longer need it, you can take it off in a flash and move onto the next exercise without missing a beat.


When it comes to leggings, I’ve found the high-waisted ones to be the most flattering. The waistlines on those VS models have microscopic measurements, but I’ve noticed that even they are wearing them. And considering that my midsection looks more like someone who brings on the macaroons and ice cream regularly, I’m grateful for leggings that “suck-it-in” a little at the waist. The pair that I like the best is called, “Lounge Leggings.” From the name, you’ve probably guessed that they’re really comfortable, but they’re also perfect for something like yoga…lightweight and movable.


As for a sports bra, I went with a v-neck. I found that the scooped options looked less elongating. Word to the wise… This bra come in sizes that are lumped together, like Medium (A-C). Obviously a size A is very different from a C. Because of this, if you have the opportunity, I’d highly recommend trying this item on in a store. If you are ordering online, even if you’re medium-framed, but a size A or a B, I’d consider getting the small. If you’re a C, a bra sized like this will probably fit perfectly.


These bras also come in a variety of fun colors.

And if you haven’t seen my dance tutorial to Selena Gomez’s performance of Me & My Girls at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and want to learn how to strut your stuff, here is the link…


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