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Five Beauty Essentials Each Under $5

January, 20, 2015

A girl’s budget always loves bargain beauty finds. Here are five faves:

Five Beauty Essentials Each Under $5

Blistex Lip Balm. This weighs in on your balance sheet at under $2. If your lip balm says “medicated,” it will not only help protect your lips from sun and cold weather, but double as an excellent cuticle cream.

Cucumbers. Not all beauty products must be bought at a mall or drugstore. The produce isle at your local market is packed with great options. Obviously, eating cucumbers does wonders for your body, but if your eyes are puffy in the morning, laying cold cucumber slices over them is a miracle cure.

Ardell. I don’t normally wear false eyelashes, but sometimes a woman wants to add extra thickness for a special event. I used to pop for the department store lashes, but found that Ardell’s are just as amazing and last as long while only lifting $4 from your pocketbook. The ones in the department stores can triple that. My favorite natural-looking Ardell number is 124.

Eyeshadow Trio. Options in sets with three stunning shades are offered by e.l.f. for only $4.

Easyliner. Beautiful lip liners by Jordana are known to stay in place and cost under $2.

If any of you have more bargain beauty finds, I’d love to hear about them!


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