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Final Episode

April, 26, 2013

Here it is! I’m so impressed with all your AMAZING ideas!!

  1. Betty says:

    Wow! What a story. I loved how it was romantic but the girls also had career ambition. A girl’s dream.

  2. kmk17 says:

    I’m really glad that the Princess Bride and Sexcapader became good friends- I really liked that scene- and even more happy that they both found what they were looking for!

  3. abigailkim019 says:

    I’m so sad this is over! These stories have just enough heartbreak to make them realistic and make the endings so much sweeter.

  4. kmk17 says:

    I thought that Jane and the Professor’s date was perfectly adventurous and romantic. I’m so happy that she ended up with such a great man!

  5. Taylor Tennison says:

    Katherine–I have SO enjoyed these weekly installments and am sad for them to be coming to an end. BUT-I’m super excited for what comes next! I really love that not only do we get stories and characters that we can relate to as readers and viewers, but we also get a good ‘overview’ of Europe. These stories would have been really easy to set in one single location, but I like that you’ve taken the time to give each character and storyline their own “place.” This way, I get to not only enjoy characters and their lives–but get to feel like I am ‘virtually’ traveling to Europe! I really loved everything about your book and these installments.

  6. Taylor Tennison says:

    And, who knew that the fun and flirty fling between Jane and Professor could end up being so romantic! I am JEALOUS of this girl! I love that this was such an unexpected yet delightful twist to the storyline. A girl who went to Europe with minimal expectations, certainly not looking for anything serious with men, and she ends up with this great guy! Isn’t that every “Plain Jane’s” secret fantasy?!

  7. Alyssa says:

    I loved these stories and I am sad that they are over! My favorite stories were always about the sexacapader, it was so crazy and wild! Plain Jane was also the one I could relate to the most during these episodes so I will be sad to have these stories end, it was great getting these straight from the authors reading and also be able to have some say it what happens!

  8. ruthellen16 says:

    OMG loved this story. Had classical romance that we all love and so many of today’s stories are missing, but scandal and twists!

  9. ruthellen16 says:

    Also, TY Katherine for including good lessons in your story. It’s empowering to see a girl like Plain Jane find success in her career and dating. It gives confidence to girls.

  10. Mary M says:

    My indulgence is over – sigh! I loved seeing a difference side of the hot professor. A smart man who was in a band – sexy!

  11. gab0429 says:

    I can’t believe that the stories are over! The character development of each girl throughout all the interactive stories were quite engaging. It was fun to see Jane transform from her plain self into Miss Hot Tamale and finally landing the guy. I would love to see more of their story! It was a great ending but it definitely left me wanting more! Also, Sloane and Presley’s friendship was very touching. It was refreshing to see some girl power at the end of their story.

  12. Sara Sampson says:

    Ahhh I loved this! 🙂 I agree. Sloane and Presley’s friendship was very touching.

  13. jordankean says:

    I absolutely loved the installments. After each one ended, I couldn’t wait for the next one to be posted. I really liked that the Sexcapader and Princess Bride became friends, and that Presley turned Pierre down when he showed up at her door step. I really liked that the girls went out for a night of girl empowerment. It shows you don’t need a man to be happy or have fun!

  14. tinaofleon says:

    I’m sad it’s over! I loved how everything went! I was really bummed whenever Jane had to return home, without having heard from the Professor… Loved when he showed up at her reading though! I also enjoyed Sloan’s reflection, and I’m glad she and Presley bonded. Also glad Presley decided to stay and ended up finding love after all 🙂

  15. abbymself says:

    I’m bummed this is the last installment! I’m really glad you’ve listened to/interacted with your audience during this series. Since the beginning of time, women have been entranced by stories of romance. Thank you for bringing it back to us!

  16. tomtenders says:

    Team SLOAN

  17. Helen R says:

    Just watched all these episodes! Once I started couldn’t stop. I’d love to see this as a tv series or movie!

  18. Holly B says:

    I loved that professor hotstuff came back at the end! Such a sweet, romantic ending! I definitely agree with Abby- romance will never get old. Girls will always love sweet, romantic endings like this one! I also loved that the Sexcapader and Princess bride teamed up!


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