Comedic Travel Host Video – Festival Frenzy!

July, 2, 2011

No one beats Spain at hosting festivals! Pamplona’s Festival of San Fermín is coming right up, so here is my travel host persona video on it―only the third video I ever made. Before heading off to this testosterone fest, in order to bond with the locals, you’ll want to know how to properly say “the Running of the Bulls” in Spanish. Many tourists mistakenly say “el corriendo de los toros.” Even though corriendo means “running,” this is not correct. Instead say “el encierro de los toros.” Encierro means “shutting in.” Because this event symbolizes the sacrifice of Saint Fermín, Spaniards focus on the shutting in of the bulls before they run, whereas most travelers focus on the bulls running through town. My Spanish culture professor taught me the correct phrase and the meaning behind it. Whenever I use it, Spanish men are appreciative that I cared enough to get it right. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, by getting it down, you can win over a Spanish man!

  1. Trey says:

    Wow! This video is terrific! To think that this is only the 3rd one you made after only one introductory filmmaking class—and that you do EVERTHING on your videos yourself!!! As I watch I can see every aspect getting better and better as you go along. You’re a genius!

  2. John says:

    True. No other author has ever created a web series like this. It’s original…superb. KCC looks like a supermodel but she’s a writer.

  3. Kate says:

    So many good tips! I love that you know the background of these European traditions and cultural festivities. It adds so much more meaning to the tips you give. As I get more and more addicted to your videos Spain is quickly rising to the number one country I want to visit next.


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