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Fast Beauty

May, 12, 2014

Julep Beauty is a nouveau nail polish, skin care and makeup company moving like a bullet train. Last year alone, this seven-year-old introduced more than 300 new products, all catering to customer requests.


I got to know Jane Park, the Julep mastermind, at a Nordstrom event. She chose this Zelda polish for me, explaining that it went with my coloring. So ladies, if you have any golden tones in your hair or eyes, this is your go-to nail hue. The expert has spoken.


You know all about fast fashion. Well, Julep is fast beauty. It can move in and out of trends more swiftly than Spider-Man can move in and out of a city street. Jane has an uncanny talent for using software and social networking to learn what women want and why…and delivering it!


Plus, Julep’s products are eco-friendly and economical. After yesterday’s post, I received requests to write more on saving with style, so that’s this week’s theme and Julep fits it perfectly. For $19.99/month you can receive a bargain box of custom-selected nail colors and makeup. And if you attend a Julep event, you could even receive a gift, like this one:


Before I left her, Jane confided that her eight-year-old wants to be a “Funner” when she grows up. That’s someone who has fun all the time. I wonder where she got that quality. Her mom, of course!



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