False Eyelash Tips from Celebrity Artist

March, 3, 2015

Yep, those are totally my own lashes in the below pic. Of course they’re my own, after all, I bought them;) Okay, all joking aside, sometimes when a girl is about to attend an event, she feels the need for extra lash length and thickness. But those little false eyelashes can be pesky to put on and take off. So I’ve gathered a few trade secrets for handling them from Kevianno, my friend who’s a NARS celebrity makeup artist.

False Eyelash Tips from Celebrity Artist A

Pencils aren’t just for students. Kevianno can attest to that. Before gluing on your false lashes, wrap them around a pencil for about 30 seconds. This will help mold them to your eyelid shape. When it comes time to remove those lashes, dab on some coconut oil. It’s perfect for taking off any remaining glue, hydrates your skin, and isn’t harmful even if you get some in your eyes.

False Eyelash Tips from Celebrity Artist B



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