Exploring in Nature

August, 3, 2016

These pictures were snapped as I took a stroll before heading off for a festive event. That’s why I have a fancy do with flowers woven into my hair, and I’m just wearing my casual clothes.
Exploring in Nature A
I’m sure that Mother Nature wasn’t a bit concerned that my flowers probably looked out of place. That’s one of the things I love about her.

Exploring in Nature B
And I’ve come to realize that nature looks equally radiant regardless of what we’re wearing, what kind of a day we’re having, or what we’re doing.
Exploring in Nature C< After fearlessly setting out that day, I learned another truth—the beauty of exploring is that you never know what treasures await down a path. On this day, I stumbled upon an old house, met a woman serenely sitting, and got caught up in a group of kids playing. Exploring in Nature D


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