Every Girl’s Guide to the Pompadour

December, 31, 2013

The pompadour hairstyle has been trending throughout the year. As you can see from this picture, it isn’t just for celebs like Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez, and Kiernan Shipka.

The Every Girl’s Guide to the Pompadour

Any girl can create it by following the six easy steps in this video, and the style can be tweaked to fit in anywhere, from a jam fest to the red carpet! Try this look tonight and you’ll ring in the New Year with style!

Mollie, the hair goddess in this video owns Mollie Michelle Salon.

The graffiti-covered building in the photo shoot is located in Seattle. It’s going to be torn down soon, so the city is allowing the public to paint it. The result is a constantly changing work of art.


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