This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

Episode One

March, 28, 2013

Thank you so much for all of your input about which three girls from The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men you would like in a fictionalized story. I loved your comments and emails! Despite the fact that the producers all had different opinions, you came up with some really good suggestions that they hadn’t thought of. I especially appreciate that you included the reasons for your choices. This video is the first excerpt in the story. At the end of it is the next question. It has to do with which European locations to feature. That was another area of intense debate among the execs. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  1. gab0429 says:

    I think the comment you made at the end of the clip was a perfect location for Miss Sexcapader’s first conquest. Since she is interning in London, I think that Big Ben is an ideal place because she is living near it. That means it could happen any day of the week and she wouldn’t have to take a weekend to travel to another country. Plus it is a huge landmark in London and could develop into an interesting story.

  2. Katie says:

    Miss Sexcapader has the plan of traveling all over Europe to get these special stars on her map. I think Big Ben is a very obvious location, but I think it should be her last star. She should conquer the other countries before that last star at Big Ben. As for her first star it only makes sense that it should be in Paris. One short ride through the chunnel and she is at Gare du Nord in Pairs. The city of lights (or love) would be the perfect destination. The chic cafés around the Eiffel Tower are romantic and perfect to meet beautiful frenchmen. Paris also has a great nightlife full of young people that are perfect candidates to be that star on her map.

  3. tinaofleon says:

    LOVE this first bit of the story, Katherine!
    When reading all the locations in your book, one especially struck me as places I could envision the Sexcapader… Germany. I know in your book, the Sexcapader meets her man there, so maybe Germany seems unoriginal, but it just sounds like a place she’d fit in well. When I think of the Sexcapader, I think of her as being cool and fun, so the guys are easily drawn to her, and I think of her as a beer drinker for some reason. All the beer festivals and beer gardens in Germany seem like great places for her to meet her first star!
    Although Paris is romantic and great, that’s not what the Sexcapader is looking for. She just wants lust and a one night stand!

  4. jordankean says:

    I agree with Tina, I can picture the Sexcapader being a beer drinker and an easy going type of person. I think the perfect place for her to meet a man would be at a pub in Ireland!

  5. Sara Sampson says:

    Agree – the Sexcapader is a beer drinking type. Why not have her first star at someplace like St. Anton? I want to visit that place after reading about it in your book. Sexcapader wants adventure and flings. Skiing to a club and hooking up with a hot Austrian athlete – hot!! LOVE your first chapter!

  6. abigailkim019 says:

    The Sexcapader in my mind is a daring girl with a clear love for thrills and new adventures. She should start off in Greece as a weekend getaway to kick off her mission with none other than a handsome Mediterranean hookup. I can easily see the Sexcapader touring some of the ancient ruins during the day and hitting the town hotspots at night.

  7. Ryann says:

    I think that the Sexcapader should meet her man in the London Eye. It would be so romantic and fun, and I feel the story could really develop from there. My second choice would be an island in Greece. Who doesn’t like a steamy man it the hot summer sun, soaking up some rays?

  8. Maria says:

    This first section is awesome! Reminds me of a hot spring chick flick with loads of sexual tension and irony!! Gotta agree with Tina. The sexcapader is a beer guzzling gal after lust not romance. I think she’s a cool chick who can out drink the men. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have a romance in Greece with a Greek God. But the sexcapader doesn’t care about romance. That’s more like what the Princess Pride would want. She could be a great third character.

  9. Holly B says:

    I think Miss Sexcapader should travel to Dublin- a great party city for her first adventure! She is definitely is a party type, so Ireland would be great! I also think that a ruin pub in Prague would be an awesome setting for her to hook up in, even if it isn’t for her first star.
    I also want to say that I love how the story is centered around a blog, especially since you’re using social media to help write the story!

  10. neenapack says:

    Although the Sexcapader isn’t the romantic type, it doesn’t mean that men won’t try to win her over. I see her as a chameleon, able to be wined and dined for a romantic evening, yet still get what she wants in the end without attachment. Leaving the Sexcapader to only prowl around beer gardens and bars demotes her classiness. She should meet her first star somewhere adventurous and unique, maybe a cooking class, a wine tasting or even the wintery slopes of a resort!

  11. Holly B says:

    I think it would be great if, throughout the story, Miss Sexcapader found herself in several different situations. Maybe start out with crazier Irish Pub/beer garden for her first adventures and then shift gears to a more romantic settings, like Paris, as the story progresses? My first impression of her is as a party girl, though.

  12. Taylor Tennison says:

    I am in the camp that the Sexcapader doesn’t belong in a typically “romantic” place like Paris or Greece, even Rome really. I see her meeting her man somewhere fun and relaxed, like a night club, or on a beach. For some reason, I keep envisioning Ibiza or Barcelona–somewhere that you really think of as “party central.” I just see her in a laid back environment having FUN. So, maybe a club, a bar on the beach, etc. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  13. kmk17 says:

    I agree with Tina too, it’s more fun to get a wide variety of characters, who will also have different kinds of stories. I think that more than a romantic spot in Paris or Greece, the sexcapader would definitely be hitting up beer festivals where men would be laid back and having a great time. I picture those festivals in Germany, or most definitely a giant party somewhere in South America! Lots of dancing, partying, and laughing seems like a perfect environment for her.

  14. madsmac says:

    I definitely think the Sexcapader could meet her first fling somewhere romantic and fun. I could see an afternoon setting at an Italian winery. She meets her first fling as she’s tasting a glass of chianti. Yes the Sexcapader is fun and vibrant, but every woman would want some passionate loving under the Tuscan sun!

  15. abbymself says:

    I may be biased due to the fact that I traveled to Ireland over Christmas break this year, but I think a pub in Dublin is the perfect place to get something started for the Sexcapader! She needs a place with a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Dublin is perfect for that! Good music, food and friendly people all around!

  16. AnnHam says:

    You say in your book that miss sexcapader’s a sports woman. She gets guys with her sex appeal and knowledge of sports. So how about a sports bar? Sexcapader is a beer lovin girl. She prowls where men are. Men are at sports bars. My choice, Barcelona. It’s a fun sexy city with a great soccer team. Katherine first section you wrote was HOT.

  17. Rhonda says:

    The Sexcapader’s a cool chick but when she picks up dudes she needs to be fierce. She’s a lioness on the hunt! I agree with Ann. Why not a sports bar? Where else is a better place to find men. I’d say Barcelona or Madrid.

  18. AnnHam says:

    A lioness on the hunt! I like that! Yes sexcapader need to be AGGRESSIVE when getting her star.

  19. tomtenders says:

    So Im a guy and I find myself obsessed with this story. hope that’s not strange. Putting my masculine pride away and weighing in. Gotta jump on band wagon and say THE SEXCAPADER needs to meet her man at a sports bar. When a chick can hold her beer and talk sports its hot.

  20. Alyssa says:

    There is something so romantic about the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is every girls vision of romance and love. However, a less typical, but equally as desirable location is a little Island in Greece. Few girls can deny fantasizing about that Greek God romance that takes place on the Mediterranean Sean in a cute little white and blue villa. I love these videos and cant wait for more to come out!

  21. BR says:

    I am excited to see what is next! After reading through the comments, I can see both sides from the audiences reaction. I think one is more cliche than the other because everyone loves the idea of falling in love or having a european adventure in a romantic city. But I do get that it makes more sense for many followers that the sexcapader would have her interactions at a local establishment or somewhere unexpected but normal. Maybe she is walking down the street or at the bar. I agree with the comments that say she should be relatable and easy going and in my mind those types of people could be anywhere to have a good time.

  22. ruthellen16 says:

    Barcelona, Ibeza or even Iceland for the sexcapader’s first spot. I agree with Holly. Miss Sexcapader should shift gears to more romantic settings later. She should start out a partier and change as time goes on. We all want something more than flings at some point.

  23. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    Thank you ladies for your terrific ideas about what should happen in the next episode…and for the one brave guy who dared the girl fest:) I just finished editing the video and will post it when it’s done rendering.


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